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The Photographer
   Bob grew up in the small town of Fayetteville, West Virginia. At an early age of 6 years,
he was drawing and painting. He was mentored by local artists who met at the "Barn" for
trading and teaching painting techniques. Bob studied photography under the watchful
eye of his Dad, Robert W. Spath a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography.
Bob was the photographer for the school annual. Bob learned his composition and
technical skills by shooting in the great outdoors and in working in the darkroom
mastering quality prints. Bob's children remember their dad with a camera in his hands
at school events and on camping trips to the Colorado high country. Wild flowers were a
favorite subject along with endless mountain peaks to hike and photograph. Bob's
favorite time is fall in the rockies. Bob loves the rich autumn colors and the clear blue
   Bob makes his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife Sue. He has two
daughters and five beautiful grandchildren. Bob works full time at his graphics design
business CCQ Designs. Bob's passion for design and art has been incorporated into his
love of photography. Bob uses his photography in many of his web designs and
business marketing brochures. Bob goes on photo shoots in all different seasons to
bring to his clients a cross section of the beauty of God's Creation. Reflections of Color is
truly a work of art reflecting why beauty is in the eye of the beholder.......
Bob Spath
Photographer - Artist - Designe
" Evening Glow over the Rockies west of Denver, Colorado"