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Life is a collection of memories.  Birth.  Childhood.  Graduation.  
Marriage.  Travel.  Family.  Collectibles.  Everyday Experiences.  
Snippets of life, captured in glorious works of art, explode our memories
into a universe of color and emotion.  As a custom picture framer,
specializing in preservation techniques, you entrust us with your
precious memories.  You ask us to approach each piece keeping your
memory in mind….Keeping your style in mind.  Whether you have a
$70,000 original or the mother’s day card created by your five year old,
your treasure will be treated with the greatest of care.

Do you seek quality?  Are you inspired by excellence of craftsmanship?  
Do you love the beauty of the ornate?  Or, do you seek pure and simple
lines?  In whatever direction your mind wanders, you will find just what
you want at Art & Frame Approach.  With over
3,000 frame styles to
choose from, the perfect choice for your artwork is here.  Our frame
selections run from the
finest handcrafted water gilded styles to the
simple lines of quality metal frames.  

Indulge your senses as we work together to create your unique frame
design.  Whether you are totally hands on, totally hands off, or
somewhere in-between, our award winning design www.
capabilities are uniquely suited to customize a special framing package
just for you.  A single piece of artwork can be framed in many different
ways, each of them equally wonderful.  Our goal is to explore your artistic
passions so the finished piece reflects your individual taste.
Susan and Lee Lowry
Your Framing Professionals
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" Framing With A Passion "
" Framing With A Passion "